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Welcome one and all to Living the Dream, a play-by-post (and stat-less!) Pokemon RPG! We're based in the city of Alto Mare from the movie Pokemon: Heroes, and we're here to explore the world of Pokemon. The people who lived there, what their lives might be like, and what it was to live with Pokemon like we might live with dogs or cats. Civilians of all kinds, trainers, breeders, coordinators, Pokemon - all are welcome here! We're a relaxed, friendly community - no word count, no stats, just fun and Pokemon! Haven't you ever wondered what it would be like if Pokemon was real? That's what we aim to do in our roleplay - have fun, and live the dream!



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Trainers 20 20
Coordinators 2 5
Breeders 1 1
Rangers 1 1
Pokemon 14 12
TOTALS 49 45

Open Threads
Never Ending -- with Spark (as Leigh Glacier), in the Merchant District. ((Leigh's one day off, and she's sent after lost pets! Not that it takes her too long - capture on!)) [Open to all]

So ya wanna be a Ranger? -- with Rachel (as Emmet Osbourne), in the Central Plaza. ((It's an open recruiting call to all potential rangers! Emmet's showing off, and you can visit the base and maybe play with Emmet's Styler!)) [Open to all]

Frosty Shenanigans -- with Daemon (as Jack Frost), in the Construct District. ((The icy prankster is up to no good again! And by no good, we mean that a few of the canals are frozen solid. Anyone up for ice skating?)) [Open to all]

Mission Board -- A shoutout to the Mystery Dungeon Mission board! You can send a Pokemon you own (as a character or from one of your trainers) on a mission with an NPC or PC team - try it today, and earn lots of Poké!

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